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That Exceeds Your Shop Needs Built to Simplify & Unify your Business Built to Save Time Built to Drive Customers to Your Shop

CP Shop Manager

Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Built To Simplify &
Unify Your Business

Shop Manager unifies everything your business needs in one place‭. ‬All your invoices‭, ‬scheduling‭, ‬calendaring‭, ‬and payment tracking are now managed in one centralized system‭.‬

Manage your workflow‭, ‬employees and customer relationships in one powerful system‭. ‬Shop Manager is your partner in organizing your business tools‭, ‬removing needless complexity and allowing you to run your business like you’ve always envisioned‭.‬

Manage Employees

Manage Employees

All Invoicing

All Invoicing

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

Payment Tracking

Payment Tracking

Calender Booking

Calender Booking

Manage Workflow

Manage Workflow

All in one Place!


Consolidate All Your Shop Needs!

Ceramic Pro Shop Manager is the only point of sale system you need to run your business. It has everything from customer profiles, invoicing, appointment reminders scheduling, and so much more! You can even accept credit cards all right here in one fully integrated system.

Built To Save Time

Improve your efficiency with our time saving automated tools!

Built In Prayment Processing

Built In Payment Processing

  • Lowest industry rates
  • No fraud liability
  • Wireless terminal
  • Cloud based processing
  • Terminal designed as a sales aside
  • Future free utility updates
Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminders

Confirmations immediately upon completion, reminders a day and an hour before to assure the customer shows up! Reduce no shows and close more sales!


QuickBooks Sync

  • Automatic transaction sync with QuickBooks
  • Retain chart of accounts on an item-by-item level
  • No “ghost transactions”
  • No duplicate line items
  • Reduce time or money spent on accounting
CP Shop Manager

Protect Your Business
& Build Trust

Improve Your Business Reputation
Have peace of mind in regards to your business’s safety with your own customizable disclaimers and safeguards built from the integrated warranty system for our Ceramic Pro products!

Working with our well-known partners will guarantee your clients that your business is trustworthy and professional. Through our Partnerships, Ceramic Pro is one of the only Branded Services available on Carfax. All completed warranties sync directly to Carfax via vehicle VIN’s automatically.

Disclaimers & Digital Signature Capture

  • Design your own disclaimers for your business needs
  • On in every single invoice!
  • Shield yourself from undue liability!
  • Protect your customers from billing mistakes
  • Increase consumer confidence


  • Provide security and comfort to clients
  • Full coverage in case of product failure
  • Assistance in resolving customer complaints
  • Client retention
  • Public facing customer advocacy
  • Increasing average ticket totals with peace of mind

Our Warranty system will provide security and comfort to clients. In case of product failure, full coverage is given and you will receive assistance in resolving customer complaints.


Ceramic Pro maximizes the resale value of their customers vehicles by reporting all product installation details to CARFAX via CP Shop Manager Integration. Ceramic Pro Shop Manager was the first software solution to offer Appearance Protection Services Reporting with CARFAX. This is identified on Carfax Vehicle History Reports.

Utilize the full power of Quickbook’s reporting and chart of accounts with our Quickbooks integration; letting you book, schedule, and stay on top of your financials all at the same time.

Built To Drive Customers To Your Shop

Ceramic Pro Lead System

Ceramic Pro Lead System

What is The Ceramic Pro Lead System?

The Ceramic Pro Lead System is a state of the art lead generation system built into CP Shop Manager. The sole purpose of this system is to keep your shop busy at all times of the year. This is done by funneling local consumers interested in Ceramic Pro services directly to your business’s door step!

How Does The Lead System Work?

The Lead System is a customer information pipeline that starts once a customer expresses interest about Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA PPF, or KAVACA Tint via our marketing efforts. The customer then fills out their contact information, make, model, and year of their vehicle, and it is then submitted to be dispatched to local installers instantly. You will recieve text and email notifications within seconds to allow you to contact a lead when it’s warm.

CP Shop Manager

How Does It Work?

CP Shop Manager - Lead System Step 1


Sign up on www.cpshopmanager.com & wait to get approved by our staff

CP Shop Manager - Lead System Step 2


You will receive text & email notifications about leads in your area with cars info & zip location


Find the plan that best suits your shops needs